Three innovators honoured at gala

By The Telegraph Journal | See press photos by James West

On Thursday night the New Brunswick Innovation Foundation hosted its annual R3 gala at the Delta Hotel in Fredericton.

The event featured a keynote address from Silicon Valley, Calif. investor Guy Kawasaki titled “The art of innovation.”

The former software evangelist for Apple Inc. shared anecdotes from his experience with some of the world’s top technology companies as well as hearing pitches from some interesting startups, as he gave his advice for creating an innovative company.

The gala was held to honour three New Brunswick researchers doing work with potential implications for industry.

The researchers were Shippigan-based Yahia Djaoued, a Université de Moncton chemist trying to make shrimp extracts safe to be used as a dietary supplement; Mount Allison University biologist Suzanne Currie who studies how fish adapt to changes in their environment such as increased water temperatures and pollution; and UNBSJ marine biologist Thierry Chopin, who is working on mimicking the natural ocean environment in fish farms to make them more environmentally and economically sustainable.

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