Cleantech innovation at New Brunswick companies is increasingly important for maintaining competitiveness in the shift to a sustainable, low-carbon economy. The NBIF-ONB Corporate Cleantech Innovation fund will support the development and implementation of innovative solutions (including, but not limited to, new technologies, processes, services) at corporations in the Province of New Brunswick. The award is in the form of a non-repayable grant made to fund the proposed project at eligible New Brunswick-based businesses.

What Types of Projects?

Innovative: Projects supported by this fund must feature an innovative component. This includes either developing or implementing a new technology or using an existing technology or approach in a new way. Projects should not be for implementing an off-the-shelf solution.

Address a Gap in Development: Applicants should show that there is a need to address a gap in technical development for the innovation to be used in their business. Projects supported should be technology readiness level 4 or higher and focus on increasing scale or demonstration for specific use-cases.

Aligns with Cleantech: The technology clearly falls under federal definition of cleantech and will have positive environmental impacts when implemented.

Who Can Apply?

Corporations that are either based in New Brunswick or that have an operating presence in the province. Applicants should have at least two years of operating history.

Projects will be funded to a maximum of $80K

Projects will require a company contribution to 20% of project value in cash (i.e., a 80K of support from NBIF would require 20K of cash support from the company). Contributions from other sources and partners are welcome and will be considered advantageous in evaluating a project.  

Funds should not go toward supporting research in an academic setting. 

Funds will be disbursed directly to the corporation and will be used for project expenses in accordance with a legal agreement with the sponsored company. 

• Salary costs, including costs assigning a current employee to work on project, for contract employees, or hiring a consultant.

• Market research and customer discovery efforts as a component of supporting technology implementation.

• Intellectual property costs (patent searches, filing patent applications, etc.). 

• Prototype development or third-party testing

• Equipment or capital expenditures up to 50% of total project value. Equipment or infrastructure purchased with program fund should be relevant for the project and used for project-related work. 

Projects should be completed within 12 months of receiving the funds. 

A report detailing key project outcomes and spending of funds will be due two months after the conclusion of the project. Key outcomes could include advancement of TRL level, milestones around scale-up or implementation, etc.

The program will accept applications on a rolling-intake basis. Applicants are advised to complete the Expression of Interest to determine eligibility requirements prior to submitting a full application. All applications should be received prior to Feb 15, 2022.