To be considered for an equity investment or a non-repayable grant, your start-up will be put through step 1 in our evaluation process. If it fits within our investment strategy, we’ll schedule a meeting with you and the key members of your team to discuss the opportunity. Leaving that meeting we’ll decide what the next steps are. We may request more information, introduce you to other investors, or start our final due diligence process. Below is the typical lifecycle of a start-up partnership with us.

animated magnifying glass with $ sign in the middle
  • First contact and assessment of fit with NBIF
  • Business plan submission and review
  • In-person meeting or site visit and demo
  • Due diligence
  • Term sheet negotiation
  • Final due diligence
  • Legal documents
  • Deal closing
  • Corporate governance structure
  • We’ll assist in securing additional investors and support the
    development and growth of your company.
animated dollar sign in the middle of a blue circle with arrows coming out
  • We’ll look to sell our stake in the company.