We’re inviting you to attend our hybrid R3 Cleantech: Advancing Climate Innovation on November 24, 2021 virtually, via the comfort of your office chair! This year’s R3 focuses on the opportunity of cleantech and how researchers and business leaders can work together to innovate and implement new solutions to the climate crisis.

Discover the Opportunity of Cleantech
How can researchers and business leaders can work together to create a sustainable future, develop solutions to the climate crisis, and build innovative businesses in cleantech? 

R3 Cleantech will highlight resources available for researchers to bring their innovations to the world and making positive environmental impacts. NBIF is convening the province’s researchers, entrepreneurs, and industry leaders to showcase New Brunswick’s cleantech stories. 

Join us for sessions on building green start-ups, accessing research expertise and capacity, and panel discussions on building collaborative projects in cleantech!

  • Connect with Cleantech Leaders
    We can do great things through collaboration, and this event will enable attendees to engage with cleantech and climate change experts from around the province. Build relationships with leaders in business and research from around the province and nationally. Find the expertise you need to realize a cleantech solution or build a collaborative project.
  • Be Empowered to Act
    Take your ideas further- This R3 event will inspire the NB research and innovation community to rise to the challenges of climate change and sustainability, and the opportunities of cleantech businesses. Building your knowledge and network will position you and your organization to act on the needs and challenges we face. Become leaders in the cleantech revolution and position the province for a more sustainable future.

• A Spotlight on Successful Cleantech start-ups – Which young companies have been successful in cleantech and how did they get there? Learn more from the leaders and entrepreneurs shaping the future of cleantech.

• Research Capacity for Cleantech – What expertise, expertise, and partnership opportunities exist to bring cleantech innovation to life? Learn what the province’s research leaders are doing and how you can get involved.

• Adapting to our Changing Climate – Implementing measures that will help us adapt to climate change will position our businesses and communities for long-term success. What are the key issues in climate change adaptation and what measures will be most important for New Brunswick’s businesses and communities?

• Cleantech at Corporations– How can NB companies best implement cleantech? This session will discuss the challenges and opportunities of implementing cleaner technologies in industry. Learn the business case for going green and the return on investment. 

• Leveraging the Support Network for Commercializing Cleantech Representatives from the national cleantech innovation ecosystem will discuss how to build successful projects and collaborations that accelerate an innovation to market.

• Finding the Market for Cleantech Innovation – A discussion of how Cleantech must align with the needs of a market. How to find the market your cleantech innovation? This panel of experts will share their expertise in navigating the market for a sustainable solution.


Students from New Brunswick’s universities, colleges, and research institutes are invited to apply to present their research at the R3 Cleantech: Advancing Climate Innovation virtual event on November 24th,2021. Research relating to cleantech or the development of new technologies that could advance cleantech, climate change adaptation studies, or environmental conservation and stewardship of natural resources are all relevant for R3 Cleantech. 

The top 15 applicants will be invited to submit a pre-recorded video presentation of their poster, which will be exhibited on the virtual platform during the R3 Cleantech event. 

• How to Submit a Poster: To apply to present, you must submit a poster abstract on NBIF’s web portal – https://nbif-finb.smapply.io/. The poster abstract should offer a summary of the research presented and advertise your poster to potential viewers. Abstracts are limited to 250 words in length.

The three categories for submission are:

• Undergraduate or Masters
• PhD
• Post-doc fellows and/or research technicians and professionals (non-faculty)

Poster abstracts should be submitted by November 8th, 2021. Applicants are encouraged to register for the event prior to submission. Applicants will be contacted by November 10th, 2021, to advise if your poster has been selected to present a pre-recorded video at the virtual event on November 24th. Videos MUST be submitted by November 17th. Registration links are as follows: EN: https://r3cleantech.eventbrite.ca or FR: https://r3techpropres.eventbrite.ca. 

• Video Guidelines: Videos from the top 15 applicants must be submitted by November 17th. Videos should be no longer than 2 minutes in length. Your video should mimic an in-person poster presentation. Videos should be submitted to NBIF (researchservices@nbif.ca) in MP4 file format and will be hosted for viewing by R3 delegates via the event platform on the NBIF YouTube channel. Viewer’s Choice will be decided by delegate poll. 

• Prizes Available: Each category (noted above) will offer a 1st prize of $250, and a 2nd prize of $150. We will also award a Viewers’ Choice prize of $250 to one poster at the event. The Viewers’ Choice could also be one of the 1st or 2nd place prize winners.

Evaluation Criteria

Narrative: Does the applicant demonstrate a compelling story of their methods or their trajectory as a researcher?
Impact: Is the applicant focused on research that is original, relevant, and potentially impactful to society and to NB?
Merit and quality: Does the researcher’s methodology or creativity demonstrate an appropriate level of acumen and mastery of the discipline?
Accessibility: Is the poster communicating clearly and at an appropriate level for the intended audience?
Poise/Style: Is the applicant inspiring confidence in their work and are they engaging.

Carol-Ann Brown
The Delphi Group

As President of The Delphi Group, Carol-Ann ensures Delphi is executing on its mission by aligning its expertise and services with evolving client needs and offering top-of-the-line sustainability solutions.  Carol-Ann has led the Innovation and Cleantech team, which works with the private and public sectors to accelerate the deployment and commercialization of clean solutions, strategic planning, as well as technology road mapping and market scenarios. The team also leverages clean technology partnerships to deliver B2B programming for the GLOBE Series, which convenes the innovators and changemakers that aim to accelerate the clean economy.

Carol-Ann brings over 20 years of experience in clean innovation. Her international and multidisciplinary experience focuses on the environment/energy nexus, encompassing a broad range of issues including emissions trading, policy analysis and formulation, and program development, and clean technology assessment, development and commercialization.

Carol-Ann was formerly the Director of Offsets Development and Industry Relations for Climate Change Central, and a Policy Advisor in the Air Quality and Climate Change Branch of the Ontario Ministry of the Environment. She has a PhD in Geography, focusing on wind power commercialization, and a Master of Science in Environmental Change & Management, from the University of Oxford.

Carol-Ann is a Director for the All One Sky Foundation, a not-for-profit, charitable organization established to help vulnerable populations at the crossroads of energy and climate change. Carol-Ann is a member of Canada’s Clean50 for 2020, as well as the Clean16 for 2020 – the leader in her category.  Beyond Delphi, Carol-Ann is fortunate to make the most of the Rocky Mountain activities in all seasons with her husband, teenage daughters and 3 dogs.

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Prof. Jeff Dahn
NSERC/ Tesla Canada Industrial Research Chair
Dalhousie University
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