Agenda Announced for the R3 Innovations in Aging Conference

March 12th, 2018

FREDERICTON (N.B.) – The New Brunswick Innovation Foundation (NBIF) has announced the  R3 Innovations in Aging conference agenda. With 2018 marking the event’s 10-year anniversary, the NBIF recently revealed a new 3-day format and the timely theme of innovations in aging. The two-day R3 Conference, which will be part of the larger event, will be held April 11th and 12th at the Crowne Plaza in Fredericton, N.B.

The conference will include several speakers, a discussion panel, and a hands-on workshop to foster a collaborative approach between the community, government, industry, and researchers.

“Our intention with the new format is to reach different audience levels,” says the NBIF Director of Research and R3 event champion Lindsay Bowman. “The conference is really going to appeal to the industry side – like health workers, support workers, and caretakers.

It’s also important that entrepreneurs looking to develop products and services in this space attend. So often we have startups wanting to develop a new health app, for example, but they haven’t connected with the right resources and advisors to understand user needs. We also hope to draw members of the public with a passion for healthy aging, including seniors, of course.”

Conference agenda highlights include:

·       NouLab Workshop

o   NouLab is New Brunswick’s Social and Public Innovation Lab. This workshop will gather multi-stakeholder groups together and guide them through a lab process where they will explore root causes, user experience and possible solutions to complex challenges and build individual capacity to solve problems in a new way to increase the likelihood of future breakthrough solutions related to aging.

·       The Future of Long Term Care panel discussion

o   Moderated panel featuring long term care industry professionals discussing the future of long term care in NB. Themes will include those identified in the Government of New Brunswick’s “An Aging Strategy for New Brunswick”, and panelists will explore culture shifts, person centered care & coordination, and recruitment needs to develop our long-term care workforce.

o  Panelists include: Jodi Hall, Executive Director, New Brunswick Association of Nursing Homes; Cindy Donovan, CEO of Loch Lomond Villa; Daphne Noonan, co-founder, Person Centered Universe; Amanda Betts, Founder, eChart Healthcare.

·       Keynote from Gary Anaka, Brain and Wellness Expert

o   Gary Anaka is the top Brain-based Learning Facilitator in BC today.  He is a learning assistance specialist with over 34 years of teaching experience and is a study skills expert, a brain gymnastics coach, and has been presenting keynotes and workshops in the new field of Applied Educational Neuroscience across Canada since 1997. Gary’s sessions are well known for high-energy fun and engagement.  Discover the best foods, vitamins, and life style choices for maintaining brain health, as well as learn about prevention of brain inflammation, plasticity, and neurogenesis – how to literally grow new brain cells every day.

Full details of the agenda can be found on the R3 event site.

“We really wanted this conference to be different – for participants to be actively engaged and leave with a plan for moving ahead. Sometimes we leave events like this with information overload but no clear direction. Our agenda will ensure participants leave equipped with the right tools and a path forward,” says Bowman.

The Conference is part of a 3-day R3 Innovations in Aging event that will take place in Fredericton, New Brunswick from April 10th – 12th, 2018.

The R3 Innovations in Aging event has been developed in collaboration between the New Brunswick Innovation Foundation (NBIF), the New Brunswick Social Policy Network (NBSPRN), and the New Brunswick Health Research Foundation (NBHRF). The R3 mission is to spotlight innovative local research, unite researchers with the public and business community, and demonstrate the tremendous impact research can have on healthy aging in New Brunswick.

Tickets are currently available at with discounted senior and student pricing available.

Sponsorship opportunities are still available and interested companies may contact Vanessa Matthews at

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