Ageism activist and author of This Chair Rocks Ashton Applewhite to keynote R3 Gala

Ageism activist and author of This Chair Rocks: A Manifesto Against Ageism Ashton Applewhite to keynote R3 Innovations in Aging Gala 

February 12th, 2018

FREDERICTON (N.B.) – Aging is a topic that can often have negative connotations, and conjure feelings of worry, fear, or pity. This especially rings true in New Brunswick, where an aging population is one of the province’s greatest challenges. Ashton Applewhite, the keynote for the April 12th R3 Innovations in Aging Gala and author of This Chair Rocks: A Manifesto Against Ageism, seeks to transform this misconception.

Conversations surrounding aging often portray the elderly as dependent, ill and mentally impaired. While there are undeniable economic challenges presented by an aging population, Ashton’s refreshing manifesto assures us that its not all doom and gloom, and that negative stereotypes only further compound the problem.

While crusades continue to combat sexism and racism, the stereotype of ageism is often on the sidelines and seemingly accepted in Western culture. Unchallenged stereotypes are dangerous on many levels – they define how we think about and interact with certain individuals, and this can have detrimental effects.

When internalized, the social construct of ageism can reach far beyond perception and negatively impact health outcomes, overall wellbeing, and quality of life.

Applewhite takes an unexpectedly lively and humorous approach to debunking late-life myths.
She’s widely researched the topic and plans to articulate the roots of ageism and how it serves only to divide and debase. Over the course of her keynote she will explain how these myths affect our brains and bodies, explore what an age-friendly world would look like, and end with an enthusiastic call to action.

The Gala is part of a 3-day R3 Innovations in Aging event that will take place in Fredericton, New Brunswick from April 10th – 12th, 2018.

The R3 Innovations in Aging event has been developed in collaboration between the New Brunswick Innovation Foundation (NBIF), the New Brunswick Social Policy Network (NBSPRN), and the New Brunswick Health Research Foundation (NBHRF). The R3 mission is to spotlight innovative local research, unite researchers with the public and business community, and demonstrate the tremendous impact research can have on healthy aging in New Brunswick.

The multievent kicks off on April 10th with the R3 Talks, followed by the R3 Conference on April 11th and 12th, and ending with the Research Innovation Awards R3 Gala on the evening of April 12th, which Applewhite will keynote.

“We want to end the event on a high note and deliver something a little unexpected that would really resonate with attendees. We want participants to leave feeling inspired and rejuvenated, with a fresh outlook and perspective. We know Ashton will deliver” says the NBIF’s Director of Research and R3 event champion, Lindsay Bowman.

Tickets are currently available at with discounted senior and student pricing available. Specially-priced Early Bird All Access tickets are still available in limited quantities.

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