Pioneering Digital Forensics

While most of us use the Internet to stay connected with our friends, keep up on the news or watch cat videos, there is another, far more sinister, use. Criminals leverage the anonymity of the Internet and other networked technologies to move people, money and data. It’s been difficult for law enforcement to effectively track this criminal behaviour.

We recently added Global Intelligence to our portfolio, this Fredericton-based company has developed a solution that helps North American law enforcement and intelligence services fight two of the worst forms of this criminal activity – child pornography and human trafficking. Groundbreaking right? There’s more.

The company uses a patented body linguistics engine and environmental linguistics engine to monitor the spread of information and transactions being used for criminal activity. It’s called digital forensics, and Global Intelligence is a world leader in this emerging science, right here in our province.

Last year, they released their flagship ACES (Anti-Child Exploitation System) product. The team developed this product in collaboration with several organizations.
The company recently closed a funding round, which includes an investment from us, and several other prominent New Brunswick angel investors. To top that off they are also planning to add two new additional modules to its platform that target terrorism and criminal narcotic sales.

When described by Adam Mosher the company’s CEO, he said “We help police and intelligence agencies track complex illegal activities and provide them with a clear understanding of data movement that leads to indictments and convictions. “Our system works in real-time, collecting leads, tips and other intelligence gathered by systems and agents in the field. We then visualize it as a ‘supply chain,’ identifying suspects and victims. “We use data tracking and analysis to tell the story of criminal activity in a narrative form.”

So, there you have it, Global Intelligence is doing hugely important work on a global scale, they’re protecting children and making a difference in North America from their base here in New Brunswick. Criminals have used the power of technology to hide their activities and illegally move people, money and data. Global Intelligence is taking that power away from them and returning it to law enforcement. Our team is excited to see where they take this innovative technology.

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