Research Assistantships Initiative (RAI)

The RAI provides applied researchers with funding they need to hire undergraduate and graduate student research assistants. Graduate Research Assistantships are awarded at $15,000 each. Undergraduate Research Assistantships are $7,500 each. RAI funds can be used to top up other funding sources and can be allocated to one or more students. Funding is advanced to the college or university first, and then paid out to the student(s) in the form of a salary, award, or stipend.

May be awarded to research faculty at any of NBIF’s eligible institutions (see award administration guidelines for details).

Eligible expenses include student stipends of up to $7,500 per undergraduate, and up to $15,000 per graduate. A maximum of up to $60,000 may be requested in each application. Applicants may submit only one application this round.

Submit applications via the NBIF Application portal. Once the application is submitted, NBIF will work to evaluate and process NBIF will evaluate applications in accordance with program/internal guidelines and evaluation criteria. Notices of decision (NOD) will be sent to the institution’s research administration office and the applicant following review. Annual budgeting for this program is subject to change.

The award start date will be the date that the applicant has indicated in their submission. If that date is more than six months from the submission date, expect follow-up from NBIF as our standard six month window to confirm award conditions applies in this situation. The award end date is 1 -2 years later, depending on what has been indicated by the applicant at the time of submission, at which point all remaining funding must be returned to NBIF. A maximum extension of 6 months is possible, on written request and subject to NBIF approval.

After 1 year, the recipient will be asked to provide an interim progress report, at which time they may apply for an extension if necessary. A detailed technical report along with a final financial report will be required at the time of project completion.

Award Size: $60k.

No matching funds are required for this program, but any other funds being used to support student salaries are collected for informational purposes.