Research Assistantships Initiative (RAI)

The RAI provides applied researchers with funding they need to hire undergraduate and graduate student research assistants. Graduate Research Assistantships are awarded at $15,000 each. Undergraduate Research Assistantships are $7,500 each. RAI funds can be used to top up other funding sources and can be allocated to one or more students. Funding is advanced to the college or university first, and then paid out to the student(s) in the form of a salary, award, or stipend.

Proposals will be evaluated by an external review committee based on the following criteria:

  1. The research project Is innovative and has scientific merit.
  2. Potential for socioeconomic impact (direct or indirect) on NB from this work.
  3. PI has the capacity to execute the project.
  4. Experiential learning opportunity for the research assistant.
  5. Proposal is well written and provides necessary information to be properly evaluated.

Eligible expenses include student stipends of up to $7,500 per undergraduate, and up to $15,000 per graduate. A maximum of up to $60,000 may be requested in each application. Applicants may submit only one application this round.