Our team at NBIF understands how time consuming it is to find and apply for funding – that’s because many of us are researchers and entrepreneurs, too. With that in mind, we’ve worked hard to create an application process that is as transparent, simple and efficient as possible.

Our full Applied Research Process can be downloaded here.

For your convenience, an overview of what you can expect from our research funding process is below.

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  • Check your eligibility before you begin your application
  • Notify your institution’s Research Administration Office of your intention to apply
  • If you need advice or help with your application, contact us at researchservices@nbif.ca
  • Register and submit your written application online via our Application Portal
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  • Most of our grants are competition based, and all are reviewed by an external panel, including open rounds (i.e.: Lab-to-market)
  • All applications are judged against established evaluation criteria
  • Our judging panel consists of people with deep technical expertise and personal experience in the applied research space
  • Application review and evaluation are completed within two months
  • Formal notice-of-decision letters are communicated to the institutional Research Administration Offices

NBIF review process

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  • Much of our funding programs are focused on research that can have the strongest economic impact within New Brunswick
  • Our definition of impact is broad but can be described as:
    • Direct: sales of products or services
    • Indirect: cost avoidance or reduction, risk mitigation, improvement in services
  • Applicants must define impact in their proposals; quantifying impact where possible
  • Examples of economic impact can be found in the full Applied Research Process
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  • Please note that these dates are tentative and subject to change
  • Notifications are shared with research administration offices each time a new funding round opens


Fund Round Applications open Applications close Notice of Decision
Early Stage Commercialization Fund 1 11-Sep-23 23-Oct-23 17-Nov-23
Early Stage Commercialization Fund 2 15-Jan-23 26-Feb-23 18-Mar-23
Emerging Projects Fund 2-Oct-23 23-Nov-23 1-Feb-24
Equipment and Infrastructure Fund 1 12-June-23 10-Aug-23 29-Sep-23
Equipment and Infrastructure Fund 2 27-Nov-23 1-Feb-24 22-Mar-24
Graduate Scholarships NA
Lab-to-Market Fund Continuous
Research Assistantship Initiative 27-Nov-23 1-Feb-24 22-Mar-24
Research Professionals Initiative 23-Oct-23 14-Dec-23 1-Mar-24
Strategic Opportunities Fund Continuous
Talent Recruitment Continuous
Climate Impact Fund 21-Aug-23 16-Oct-23 24-Nov-24
Corporate Cleantech Innovation Fund (CCF) Continuous
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We are committed to full transparency in the evaluation and administration of our funds. A full overview of our procedure is available in our NBIF Research Award Administration Guidelines.

Appeals Process