NBIF Invests in New Startups

Over the past year, we at NBIF have been making many investments in new startups in the New Brunswick ecosystem. We’re seeing great potential in these new startups, with their exciting, innovative technology and ideas. Some of the investments we’ve made include:

·        Chinova Bioworks – natural preservatives using chitosan
·        Kognitiv Spark – augmented reality
·        Newpy (Breakthru National Grand Prize Winner) – social media packaging
·        Beauceron – cyber security
·        Jaza Energy – solar energy
·        Repable – live gaming measurements & insight
·        Rise – resource for sustainable home improvement
·        Patchell Brook – stock analysis software
·        Black Arcs – civic cloud technology
·        WEnTech Solutions (Breakthru Runner-up) – SaaS for waste-to-energy

If you are a startup who is in need of Startup Investment Funding, please contact us to setup a meeting, or send your business plan to proposals@nbif.ca

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