At Maison BeauSoleil, we produce premium oysters that are known around the world. When we found out about the program through CCNB-INNOV’s Technology Access Centre (TAC) specializing in aquaculture and advanced manufacturing, we knew that our project to develop a special machine for cleaning oysters was going to move forward. Thanks to $66,000 in non-repayable funding from NBIF, we gained access to the research expertise we needed in order to automate the oyster cleaning process. What was previously a labour-intensive and time-consuming task performed by multiple people is now completed 12 times more efficiently versus the conventional method. This innovative process that involves spraying the oysters with water from all sides has been fully adapted to our tank-based culture. Through our partnership, we now have an even higher-quality product and have been able to double.

Amédée Savoie
General Manager
La Maison BeauSoleil

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