Purchasing critical equipment to support a research program that advances innovations at TRL 1-6. Our equipment fund aims to increase the province’s applied research capacity by supporting the purchase of equipment. Up to 33% of the equipment cost may be requested, understanding that requests to NBIF may be no larger than $150,000. This fund may be used to leverage federal programs for research equipment (e.g. NSERC RTI) or it may leverage other source of funds. Requests larger than $150,000 may be requested through our Strategic Opportunities Fund, if it meets the criteria of this fund.

The applicant must show that the equipment will broadly benefit New Brunswick, that it will help produce new IP which the researcher intends to commercialize, that the knowledge generated will be shared outside academia, and that the researcher and their team are able to do the work proposed. Projects must begin within 18 months of the award date indicated on the notice of decision. The maximum duration of the award is 5 years, which includes the 18 months to confirm conditions and begin the project.

A maximum of 33% of the project cost can be requested. Requests may be no larger than $150,000. The matching portion of the funding may be cash or in-kind contributions (including institutional contributions) but cannot be from another provincial government source.

The researcher can apply to the NBIF before or after submitting an application to the CFI and they may request an amount equal to the CFI contribution, up to a maximum of $150,000 (this may be up to 40% of the project cost).

Eligible project costs include equipment (both hardware and software) directly linked to the research program. Please view our Research Award Administration Guide for more information.