Problem Solver Q&A with James Steward, CEO and Co-founder, Troj.AI Inc.

Problem Solver: Q&A

Meet: James Steward, CEO and Co-founder, Troj.AI Inc.James is a dedicated entrepreneur, passionate about building high-performance technical teams and contributing to regional economic success. His background is in computer science with experience in cyber and physical security as a former crime ana...
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A BlueJay Breakthru In New Brunswick

Our biennial Breakthru event is a start-up competition, traditionally hosted as a formal gala event, with industry professionals, network connections and more. It encourages the creation and development of entrepreneurial, innovative business ventures in New Brunswick, giving participants ...
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5 Myths of a Start-up

If you watch television news, read a newspaper or spend any time on Twitter, you might have run into David Shipley, CEO of Fredericton-based Beauceron Security. Beauceron focuses on the human factors of cybersecurity, and David has become a go-to resource for journalists and others trying to un...
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