An independent, private organization focused on venture capital and research funding.

We help New Brunswick innovators solve globally relevant problems through research, solid advice and access to capital. We always represent the best interests of our portfolio. By leveraging their successes, we reinvest strategically to create new opportunities for New Brunswick.

Venture Capital

We invest in early-stage start-ups, those expanding into new markets, and businesses looking to leverage R&D for innovation.

Applied Research

We invest in researchers whose projects have a high potential for commercialization and economic impact.


Building Academia and Industry Collaborations

Significant research happens in New Brunswick’s universities, colleges and institutions, but, like many other places around the world that research ...
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Negotiations- Is it winner take all?

I was watching a show last night and there was a typical scene where the Billionaire business-person was claiming that “this is a negotiation, and n...
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Gray Wolf Analytics is Taking Bitcoin Mainstream

Fredericton’s Gray Wolf Analytics makes a strong case for the link between academia, innovation, and economic prosperity. They are a start-up compan...
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