R3 honouree builds prototypes for NB businesses

VIDEO: Click here to watch the above video.

CCNB’s Alain Doucet received the R3 Award at R3 Gala 2016 on March 23rd for his work with multiple SME’s across the province to develop, prototype and implement a wide variety of innovations. For example, he and his team developed a “plug and play” type adapter for Leading Edge Geomatics’ aircraft that allows them to exchange a number of different highly sophisticated aerial surveying equipment. Before that, the company was required to have a separate aircraft for every configuration – just to meet Transport Canada certification. Now they have a permanent, certified mounting system that fits all of their equipment. Switching equipment instead of aircraft = major cost savings. As a result, the company has been able to better meet their increasing demand much faster, and boost their revenues – most of which are from exporting.

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