Portfolio company Atlantic Hydrogen hires scientist to develop uses for its solid carbon byproduct

Director of Carbon Development Appointed
By Atlantic Hydrogen Staff | Link to release

Atlantic Hydrogen has named Dr. Rodney Taylor to the newly created position of Director of Carbon Development. Dr. Taylor will lead the company’s efforts to evaluate and capitalize on the potential of the carbon produced by the CarbonSaverTM technology.

This appointment falls on the heels of ACOA’s Atlantic Innovation Fund awards, for which Atlantic Hydrogen was chosen as a recipient. The focus of the research and development work is with carbon.

“Carbon plays a critical role in the future of this technology and this company,” said Dave Wagner President and CEO of AHI. “Understanding its technical characteristics as well as its potential value is key to our commercialization success. Rodney will be leading those research and development efforts.”

Dr. Taylor has an undergraduate degree in chemistry/geology from Midwestern State University. He earned his PhD in material science and engineering from Penn State, and has taken management development courses at both Cornell and the American Graduate School of International Management. He is a former executive with Columbian Chemical Company of Marietta, Georgia, the world’s third largest carbon black manufacturer.

“Rodney brings an incredible depth of knowledge in carbon technology and markets that will be a great addition to our team,” said Wagner. “As we continue to add partners, and to implement demonstration projects, his experience gained from working around the world will bring both knowledge and credibility to our team.”

In addition to his valued technical input, Dr. Taylor will also be developing business plans, marketing and sales strategies and purchase-sales arrangements with customers and industrial producers of conductive carbon products.

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