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Venture Capital Fund

One of the biggest challenges entrepreneurs face early on is raising the capital they need to succeed. NBIF helps to overcome that challenge by making a venture capital investment in your company. Businesses that interest us are typically high risk, growth-oriented companies that are on the verge of taking their product to market. 

Our investments range from $50,000 to $1,000,000 per round, however, Investments in pre-revenue companies are generally capped at $250,000. We can invest alone, and prefer to syndicate with other investors to fully fund the venture. Your product or service should fit within one of our strategic industries. However, we will look at any opportunity that is focused on innovation and growth. 


Even though entrepreneurs can access a variety of capital sources, such as personal savings, family & friends, angel investors, banks and government agencies, many overlook the value a venture capital investment from us can bring:

You are gaining a minority partner that is focused on your long-term growth and success, and exits when you reach the top. Receiving an equity investment from NBIF can strengthen your balance sheet enough to obtain additional funding from other capital providers. Plus, the due diligence process we undertake to assess your opportunity can boost your credibility in the eyes of other investors and lenders.



Applications must be made in the form of a formal business plan. Since some of the information listed in our business plan model may not be available yet, any speculation should be clearly stated, with reasoning for any assumptions made. Your business plan must propose a future “exit” opportunity for NBIF, for example, a buyout, initial public offering, merger, or acquisition.

Your company's operations must be in New Brunswick. If you're not currently in New Brunswick, you can still apply, as long as you meet our funding requirements and are committed to growing your company here. To learn more about our process, or for a snap review about the suitability of your opportunity for NBIF, contact us.

Do not submit any proprietary information, intellectual property or trade secrets with your initial application. If additional information is required, NBIF will advise you.

What we're looking for:

  • A solid management team
  • An innovative product, service or technology
  • An attractive market
  • A sustainable competitive advantage
  • Realistic business plan and financials
  • An identifiable exit strategy for the foundation within a reasonable timeframe.



NBIF has developed, linked and organized a number of resources for entrepreneurs and companies to assist them in developing their business plans and preparing them for investment: