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Startup Investment Fund

What is a startup?

A startup is an already-established company pursuing the opportunity to sell a new or improved product, service or technology that meets an unmet market need. In general it has:

Since innovation is our business, we encourage all people to take action on their ideas and submit a business plan to us when they are investment-ready.

If you are investment-ready, we will ask you for your business plan. If you are not investment-ready, we can point you to other organizations with programs and/or funding for developing business plans.

If you are wondering whether your business is NBIF investment-ready or fits with our investment practices, call us at 877-554-6668 or email

Our Startup Investment Fund

The Startup Investment Fund (SIF) provides New Brunswick entrepreneurs with some of the investment capital they need to develop their product, service or technology into a commercially viable venture.

As a startup company, sales are not absolutely required at first. As soon as sales begin and begin to grow, our aim is to help the company get ready for a significant venture capital investment from one or more sources including NBIF, other organizations and private individuals.

If your company requires more than $200,000, has a solid management team in place, and is ready to go to market with a commercially viable product  (or already has sales) consider our Venture Capital Fund.

How it works

Investments take the form of equity, typically through the purchase of common shares or the issuance of convertible debentures. Companies are eligible for up to $200,000 under the SIF. As a partner in the venture, NBIF will work with the company and its founding team to realize the growth potential of the business.

While NBIF prefers to invest with others, it will invest alone from time to time.  The initial investment from NBIF is expected to leverage additional funding from other investors and financial institutions to fully support the business for at least a 12-month period.

The funds are to be used solely to develop a new business in New Brunswick, with specific emphasis on the refinement and commercialization of an innovative product, service, technology or process.



Eligible parties include newly launched business ventureslocated and operating in New Brunswick, or entrepreneurs who are ready and committed to operating a new business venture in New Brunswick. The company must also be either provincially incorporated in New Brunswick or federally incorporated and registered to conduct business in New Brunswick. If applicable, NBIF can assist with the incorporation process.

To be considered for funding, a business plan and budget must be submitted to NBIF electronically at

Investments are subject to due diligence, negotiation, and appropriate approvals. Our aim is to deliver decisions within 30 days of receiving a fully completed business plan.

For the complete guidelines of the fund, click the download button below.




NBIF has developed, linked and organized a number of resources for entrepreneurs and companies to assist them in developing their business plans and preparing them for investment: