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Here you will find tables of our investments in applied research and talent recruitment since inception, including the researcher, the name of the project, institution and amount. Use the drop down menu to the right to choose the research fund and year. The table below represents the most recent table.

Title Researcher Institution Amount
Caledonia Field:  Wax Characterization, Identification of Mechanisms of Wax Deposition, and Evaluation of Wax Remediation Options  Laura Romero-Zeron   University of New Brunswick  15,000
Atlantic Computational Excellence Network (ACEnet)    Virendra Bhavsar University of New Brunswick  830,985
Mecanisation des operations de recolte en terrain accidente    Alain Doucet CCNB - Bathurst  4,500
Infrastructure pour l'etude des mecanismes moleculaires regulant le steroidogenese  Luc Martin   Université de Moncton  88,072
Cholinergic receptors:  new molecular targets for immune regulation  Alain Simard  Université de Moncton   233,691
Start-up  Nicolas Lecomte  Université de Moncton   50,000
Organocatalyst discovery through virtual screening and reverse-docking  Ghislain B. Deslongchamps  University of New Brunswick   25,000
Synthetic Lethality Screen of Tumour Suppressor Pathways for Therapeutic Compound Development  Rodney Ouellette  ACRI   600,000
Soil Structure Interactiohn, Numerical Modeling, Tunneling, Buried Infrastructures, Culverts, Centrifuge Modeling, Green Infrastructures, Tire Driven Aggregate (TDA)   Hany El Naggar University of New Brunswick   8,000
Production of Fungal Biomass by Submerged Liquid Fermentation, and the Extraction and Production of Chitosan from Fungi  Kevin Shiell   CCNB - CESAB  25,000
Aerieal Photography with the Assistance of an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)  Alain Doucet  CCNB - Bathurst   9,000
Phenolic acids molecular diversity for the development of fatty acid metabolism inhibitors  Mohamed Touaibia   Université de Moncton  8,000
Exploiting Synthetic Lethality in Renal Cell Carcinoma:  Targeting the Loss of the Von Hippel-Lindau Tumor Suppressor Gene by Authophagy for the Development of Anticancer Therapy  Sandra Turcotte Université de Moncton   8,000
Intensification de processus optiques parametriques et electroluminescents via le confinement quantique:  optimisation des sources coherentes et des dispositifs electroluminescents  Serge Gauvin   Université de Moncton  8,000
Atlantic Welding Technology Demonstration Center  Sylvain Poirier  CCNB - Bathurst   282,025
Mobile and Lab-Based Fish Reproduction Laboratory for Ecology, Conservation and Aquaculture Research Matthew Litvak  Mount Allison University   125,150
Start-up Grant  Jon Sensinger  University of New Brunswick  60,000
Dreadnought guitar case - interior forms  Alain Doucet  CCNB - Bathurst   4,368
Measurement of in-field potato crop with a yield monitor as a management tool for optimizing productivity  Jérôme Damboise   CCNB - Edmundston  10,000
Use of Vulcanized Fibre to Develop a Reinforced Laminated Veneer Lumber Product  Huining Xiao    University of New Brunswick 15,000
Development of a Lumber-SCL Massive Timber Panel Product  Y.H. Chui  University of New Brunswick   53,000
Mise en operation d'un laboratoire de chromatographie en phase liquide a haute performance (HPLC)  Sébastien Plante  Université de Moncton   25,000
Innovative Omega-3 Vegetable Oils: A Concerted Research-Driven Strategy to Develop and Commercialize Plant-Derived Oils with Unique Polyunsaturated Fatty Acid Profiles  Marc Surette  Université de Moncton   300,000
Enricher Lab on Chip (ELOC) for capture and analysis of Extracellular Microvesicles (eMVs)  Anirban Ghosh  ACRI   190,000
Interaction verbale,contextuelle, adaptative et intuitive en appui aux services de traduction  Sid-Ahmed Selouani  Université de Moncton   275,000
Materials Characterization Laboratory:  Equipment and Renovations  Sarah Eisler   University of New Brunswick  165,392
Start-up grant  Ghassan Abou-Samra  Université de Moncton   50,000
Dermoskeleton Technology for Improving Mobility and Reducting Disability  Chris A. McGibbon  University of New Brunswick   500,000
Nanotoxicology Research Facility  Tyson MacCormack Mount Allison University   81,082
Start-up Grant to recruit Dr.Deny R. Hamel to the Dept of Physics  Deny Hamel   Université de Moncton  75,000
High Performance Vehicle Shift Stick Alain Doucet CCNB - Bathurst   8,313
    TOTAL $4,132,578