Our Process - NBIF - FINB

Our Process

Below are the steps we take to accept, evaluate and execute our investment decisions. The timeframes for each phase vary depending on the availability and completeness of information provided to NBIF, the complexity of the project, and its financial structure. Projects that fit with one of NBIF's strategic industries and have industry partnerships are prioritized. NBIF funding should leverage additional funds from other sources and/or industry at a ratio of at least 5:1. Investments often require the fulfillment of certain conditions, for example, written confirmation that funding from all contributing sources has been secured. If you have questions about our process, please contact us.

1. Evaluation 1 to 3 months

  • Project proposal submission
  • Assessment of fit with NBIF
  • Full evaluation proposal

2. Investment Varies

  • Communication of investment offer
  • Satisfaction of offer conditions by researcher or organization
  • Disbursement

3. Execution Ongoing

  • Project commencement

4. Commercial Within 1 year

  • Project follow-up submission of status reports by researcher
  • Follow-up meetings with NBIF
  • Assessment of technology transfer & commercialization opportunities