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Yun Zhang
Yun Zhang


Advanced Fabrication

Making Real D 3D, Well, Real.

An expert in the field of advanced geomatics image processing Dr. Zhang has developed several technologies including a sensor modeling technique to reduce geometric errors in satellite and airborne images and the development of a camera system which is three times more sensitive than current cameras with 50 per cent less data required.

In 2011 Zhang’s work went from the research side to the venture capital side of NBIF when a team of students used some aspects of his photo imaging technology to enter and win the grand prize in our Breakthru competition. As a result, Dr. Zhang became the co-founder of Scene Sharp.

Scene Sharp caters to the video surveillance market with technology that turns night vision camera images into colour while improving image quality by at least three times. Lucas said this technology could literally change video imaging around the world, across virtually all segments of cameras.

Dr. Zhang recently received funding from NBIF’s Research Technicians Initiative to hire the talent he needs to continue his work on the development of a true 3D camera. Today’s 3D images are generally produced from processing a series of 2D pictures.