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Biogas project modelling software. Plan and optimize anaerobic digestion plants with simulation and assessment tools.

Formally known as WEnTech Solutions is a software company specializing in the biogas industry that has developed robust and sophisticated software products to assist clients in assessing, validating and operating Anaerobic Digestion plants. These innovative software solutions are computerizing the task of anaerobic digestion project assessment and optimization. These products are designed to bring intelligence and analytics into the workflow of engineering consultants, project developers and the facility owners. WEnTech's goal is to help their clients achieve success with their projects as well as provide viable long-term solutions to improve the environment by increasing the number of biogas projects globally. The preliminary assessment phase and plant operation of a multimillion dollar biogas project can be the difference between its success and failure. Project developers, consulting engineers and plant operators are relying on rudimentary tools and outdated information to complete these complex assessments and operating challenges. The variation in the characteristics of different waste materials and technical complexity of the process make this a more challenging task. WEnTech has developed two products anessaTM and A.D.O.TM to solve the critical problems in the Anaerobic Digestion industry.

anessaTM is a smart, cloud-based analysis platform for assessment of anaerobic digestion opportunities. This software encapsulates all of the steps for project assessment from waste feedstock analysis, operational process model, financial and greenhouse gas emission analysis. A.D.O.TM is a dynamic software solution for analyzing the operation of anaerobic digestion plants. This software product enables the facility owners to find the optimal feedstock input recipes based on the quantity, type and availability of feedstocks, operating process conditions, and optimization criteria.