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Currie, PhD

Mount Allison University

Suzanne Currie


Energy & Environment

Protecting Wild Fish Stocks

Dr. Suzanne Currie is a recipient of the NBIF R3 Innovation Award in Applied Research for her work on the affects stress have on both wild and farmed fish health. WIth this project, new tanks and control systems in will allow Dr. Currie and other researchers to precisely change the temperature, salinity, and oxygenation of the water.

Most of the fish we buy at the supermarket comes from a farm, many of them right here in New Brunswick. As we find new and better ways to increase the output of the province’s aquaculture, the outcome of Dr. Currie’s research will be beneficial for many companies, not to mention new discoveries that could impact the future of the industry.

Another aspect of Currie’s research focuses on the effect rising water temperatures have on fish susceptibility to the environmental pollutants released into the world’s rivers and oceans. 




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