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Scott Bateman
Scott Bateman



From laptops to smartphones - putting distant collaboration in your hands

Dr. Scott Bateman is the director of the Human-Computer Interaction Lab, where his research is motivated by designing and building technology that works best for people. He joined UNB in the summer of 2015, after spending 2.5 years at the University of Prince Edward Island. He received a PhD and Master’s in Computer Science from the University of Saskatchewan, and has worked as a researcher with Microsoft Research, IBM Watson Research, the University of Calgary and the National College of Ireland. Dr. Bateman has been an Associated Editor and Associate Chair for several leading academic journals and conferences in the field of HCI, including the International Journal of Human-Computer Studies and the ACM Conference on Human-Factors in Computing Systems. 

Dr. Bateman received a startup grant of $100,000 to set up his lab and to help recruit him to the University of New Brunswick. 

Dr. Bateman's expertise is in human-computer interfaces - most predominantly for human collaboration. For example, the industry has multi-input collaboration for laptops mastered. However, more and more people are using smart devices - which are not optimized for collaboration. His new technology will allow people to point their camera at problems (i.e. your car engine, etc.) and allow someone on another smart device to point, circle, or markup what they are seeing. If you point the camera somewhere else, the markup disappears and if you go back, it reappears.