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The world's sharpest images of the world - up close

Under the Fuze Go brand, Scene Sharp process where you add color to non colorized image data. Fuze Go can be applied to still image processing with Earth observation through remote sensing and air borne imagery. Fuze Go MS Sharp adds color to black and white image data. It is a fully automated universal image processing tool that integrates with all major image processing formats. Extremely fast processing and very cost effective software will improve your teams over all efficiency.

Fuze Go SAR Sharp adds color to processed synthetic apeture radar data. The benefit is you get more information from the radar imagery because you can see objects in relation to a color scene. This creates context, perspective and the ability to literally see in color at night or through the clouds! Fully automated easy to use and a universal processing tool that works with all image data processing formats.

The company was created through NBIF's Breakthru Business Plan Competition in 2011 after winning the Grand Prize of $100,000 in investments and $45,000 in professional services.