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University of New Brunswick

Sara Eisler
Sara Eisler


Dr. Eisler is working developing an organic molecule that is essentially a nano machine. Shaped like a propeller, in one state the blade pitches is one direction, and it its switched state pitch to another.

What's novel about her molecule, compared to today's silicon based computer chips, is that it is flexible, and can fit into a number of configurations. Silicon is a solid-state metalloid material that is limited in its application. Dr. Eisler' is now working on a way to wire the molecules to make the circuits that computers need to operate.

Eventually the idea is to incorporate her molecules into electronic devices, so more people can use them, and in an easier manner than the ones you find today. The way electronics are made now, is that you start with something big and you try to make it small. But there are limitations to miniaturization. Dr. Eisler is starting with a single molecule, and then building it up to make faster, smaller and more efficient for electronic devices.