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Heavy metal water remediation using chitosan

The industrial contamination of water with heavy metals is the most costly and challenging problem for commercial water remediation. Since heavy metals, which are dangerous to human health when accumulated in the body, occur at the nano level, they slip through most membrane-based filters. Currently, many industries dump contaminated water into well holes drilled below the water table, or boil it, at great expense, to concentrate the heavy metals. Both practices cost industry up to $700 million per year.

BioMatrix’s product, Naqua-Pure, is a magnetic compound that provides cost effective removal of heavy metals in waste water, and is simple to use. It is non-toxic, non-corrosive and safe to handle. An adsorbent, Naqua-Pure increases the density and facilitates the drying of post-treatment wastewater sludge to the extent that it can be used in bio, or plasma reactors for energy generation. Finally, the leftover heavy metals, now ultra dense (vitrified) are forever removed from the environment.