Natalia Stakhanova - NBIF - FINB


University of New Brunswick

Natalia Stakhanova
Natalia Stakhanova

$ 1,140,000

New Brunswick Innovation Research Chair in Cyber Security 2014-2019

The infamous Heart Bleed Bug, which has affected millions of computers around the world has cost public and private organizations over $1 billion, so far. Despite our enormous achievements in computing, it is a matter of fact that no organization, regardless of size or wealth, is immune to cyber security threats. That threat compounds as more industries, enterprises, and governments integrate their online systems with countless other organizations to meet the demands of doing business in the digital age.

As the New Brunswick Innovation Research Chair in Cyber Security, Dr. Stakhanova will lead the research and development of novel detection and response technologies for current, trending and anticipated cyber security threats, and facilitate the adoption of such technologies within New Brunswick economy’s five primary industries. When commercialized, Dr. Stakhanova’s work is expected to significantly reduce the cyber security threat response costs of governments and industry. Since revenues generated through cyber security threat detection and mitigation services are expected to grow by 30 per cent over the next five years, her research results are expected to provide increased opportunities for the province’s IT services sector as well. Her chair is valued at $1.175 million.