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Making Chitosan from non-animal sources

Mycodev Group’s main product is called chitosan, a biopolymer that’s highly sought after by a wide variety of industries, especially biomedicine.

Chitosan is an extremely effective coagulant that, when combined with other agents, can almost immediately stop bleeding and promote healing in humans. Although chitosan is already on the market, its traditional production method leaves impurities that can prevent its use in pharmaceutical products.

Chitosan is traditionally made by extracting it from shrimp and lobster shells. Due to some unfavorable characteristics, widespread use in humans has not developed. Mycodev’s process produces chitosan byextracting it from a selected species of fungus, a strictly non-animal source.

High purity chitosan, such as Mycodev's, can be used in applications such as drug delivery, cancer treatment, surgical hemostats and more.