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Saving Money With Safer Drivers

According to Dr Johnson, there are a number of factors that make for a good transport truck driver. Long hours combined with innumerable combinations of environmental conditions and stimuli can have a dangerous and sometimes expensive impact on the driver and his or her employer. Some people are naturally better at identifying and reacting to adverse conditions than others. In his lab, complete with a number of different types of driving simulators and sensory acuity testing equipment, Dr. Johnson and his team are developing a profile and tool that will help the industry better select new drivers, and better understand their current ones.

One difficulty the industry faces is the cost of insurance, especially for adults under the age of twenty-five years. Many insurance companies simply will not insure them. However, some of Dr Johnson's early results show that it is people in this age group that test highest on some of the most critical "best driver" factors. By developing a number of different types of driver profile, and developing the technology required to test and report the same for individuals, the trucking industry will be able to identify the best candidates regardless of age. Ultimately this should lead to less accidents and injury, reduced financial losses, and the criteria the insurance industry needs to reconsider how they insure drivers under the age of 25 years.