Luc Boudreau - NBIF - FINB


Université de Moncton

Professor, Bio-Chemistry

Luc Boudreau


Life Sciences

Using bees for inflammatory disease

Dr. Luc Boudreau is young researcher with great potential. His research interests are focused on the role played by cell fragments, and platelet micro-particles, on chronic and acute inflammatory diseases, and in particular rheumatoid arthritis. 

Dr. Boudreau’s work fits nicely into U de M’s biomedical research group bringing a fresh perspective on inflammatory processes. Dr. Boudreau has already demonstrated his ability to convert research into enterprise as the founder of NaturoBee Ltd., which develops anti-inflammatory creams from compounds derived from propolis, a major component of beehive building. 

He is also the co-inventor of a patented technology that is currently being developed into a product for the detection of sterile inflammatory responses.