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Legacy Lane
Legacy Lane


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A New Spin On Fiber

Legacy Lane Fiber Mill is an exotic textile manufacturing company that caters to the exotic farmers looking to transform animal hair into specialized, high quality textiles; a service not offered by larger mills. The company’s specialization is derived by its combination of fiber processing machines into a mini fiber mill. This scaled-down, innovative mill operation is the first of its kind in New Brunswick and is capable of processing both large and small batch orders.

The owner-operators of Legacy Lane are two sisters backed by four generations of farming experience in rural New Brunswick. Production Manager, Alyson, studied weaving and textiles at the New Brunswick College of Craft and Design. Business Manager, Amy, studied business at the New Brunswick Community College. Together they have found a way to keep their family farm viable by diversifying into yarn production and fiber processing; a natural fit for their training, passion and expertise.

Our first investment in Legacy Lane Fiber Mill was the result of its two founders, Allyson Scott and Amy Tonning winning our 2007 Student Entrepreneurship Prize. Their success spurred follow-on investment and the company continues to grow.