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Kognitiv Spark uses the latest augmented and mixed reality technology to move beyond the digital age and into the cognitive revolution.

Kognitiv Spark is a New Brunswick based company helping Industry move beyond the digital age and exploit the potential of the cognitive revolution, using the latest augmented and mixed reality technology.  KSpark is empowering companies to enhance their workflows by identifying industrial need and building mixed reality solutions with an end-user focus. Our methodology has been developed by applying holographic principals to mature business and security processes.

Augmenting the view of our physical world with computer aided sensory inputs (sounds, video, graphical tools and holograms) Kognitiv Spark is creating innovative and productive workflows for industrial users across Canada. Kognitiv Spark mixed reality solutions include:

  • HIDE (HAX Immersive Deployable Environment): Bringing training and collaboration into the 21st century, HIDE allows users to share the experience of piecing together equipment or work related scenarios in an interactive holographic 3D environment. Portable to almost any space, HIDE acts as a platform for companies to create holographic training scenarios and modules.  In addition it has a high degrees of application in collaborative decision making, allowing users to access and share 3D models as holograms.
  • RemoteSpark™: enabling technicians and operators at worksites to connect with technical experts geographically dislocated from the worksite.  Using a complimentary range of tablets, phones, laptops and HoloLens headsets - connected through RemoteSpark, experts can assist the on-site team in a number of ways.  Capabilities include knowledge-push of technical documents or instructional holograms, video and audio calls, and in-view notation.  These provide the operator with a mixed-reality toolset in the field; with augmented functions to guide them through tasks and processes with extreme precision.