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Mount Allison University


Khashayar Ghandi


Advanced Manufacturing

Electrifying Non-Toxic Plastics

Together with NBIF portfolio company ChemGreen Innovation, Dr. Ghandi is using a non-toxic method to produce new plastics with incredible properties and applications. One is a liquid polymer that can be used as an electrolyte for batteries that is much safer for the environment than ones that use heavy metals. 

Another variation of the same polymer can be used as both a flame retardant spray (protects up to 800°C) that also conducts electricity - protecting objects from the effects of electric shock as well. Finally, Dr. Ghandi is also working on a prototype that could see the polymer used in solar energy cells. Laboratory tests already show how the material could be printed on a substrate in a way that both absorbs solar energy and creates the circuit needed for powering machines.

In 2013, Dr. Ghandi recieved additional funding under NBIF's Research Technicians Initiative to hire the additional research talent he needs to scale the production of his polymers from a few grams to several kilograms at a time. Once complete, the material will be optimized for production by major plastic manufacturers.