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J.R. Jocelyn

Atlantic Cancer Research Institute


J.R. Jocelyn Paré
J.R. Jocelyn Paré


Medical Technologies

NBIF Innovation Research Chair In Medical Technologies

Dr. Jocelyn Paré has had a long and distinguished career as a public sector scientist with Environment Canada. Over the years, he has published over 300 papers, 2000 more of which are a result of his work. His scientific specialties include nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy to the analysis of contaminants in air, water, soil, plant and animal tissues; from chemical reactions caused by the impact of electrons to the structure of complex biological molecules. He is famous for developing Microwave-Assisted Processes and is the sole inventor of ten patents and co-inventor of two more.

According to the Canadian Cancer Society’s “Canadian Cancer Statistics 2014”, Atlantic Canada has the highest incidence rate in the country. With New Brunswick’s aging population, the effect of cancer on healthcare costs, life expectancy and suffering, continues to increase. By integrating his patents with, and applying his knowledge surrounding microwaves to products and research at the Atlantic Cancer Research Institute, Dr. Paré’s is developing new, non-invasive treatments more precise screening methods for detecting cancer.

As the New Brunswick Innovation Research Chair in Medical Technologies, Dr. Paré scientific and technology transfer expertise will help to position New Brunswick as a world leader in the discovery, innovation and commercialization of medical technologies. He will use his chair, network and knowledge in electromagnetic energy and microwave-assisted processing to create opportunities for multiple value-added industries including wood, food, biopharmaceuticals and bio-pesticides.