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Seeing Inside Like Never Before

Inversa Systems allows businesses to achieve accurate condition assessment of dense or immoveable materials, such as concrete and steel, without the need to suspend operations. The process, essentially a portable CAT scan for industry, allows decision makers to see inside a closed or inaccessible system without tearing them apart so they can make critical infrastructure decisions. 

Their portable, non-destructive imaging technology has attracted the attention of municipal, provincial and state governments for inspecting civil infrastructure, such as drainage culverts and water pipes, to determine whether repair, replace or defer maintenance. The oil and gas industry has also taken an interest in Inversa's technology after trial projects with some of the world's largest companies. Inversa's Strategic Technology Alliance Agreement with EM&I Stantec is introducing the company to new opportunities around the globe.

Based in Fredericton, Inversa Systems incorporated shortly after the discovery of its exclusive Backscatter Computed Tomography (BCT) technology at the University of New Brunswick with a Student Entrepreneurship Prize and venture capital from NBIF.