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Putting Employee Social Networks To Work

IntroHive has developed a big data mining cloud solution that helps large companies develop new sales contacts. After analysing a companies network of smartphones and computers, contacts are compiled into one giant digital Rolodex that can be searched by sales teams and see if anyone is already connected to an outside firm that they're developing as customers.

If a sales person on one side of the country is targeting a specific prospect, the system can tell if anyone else in the company already has a connection to them, and the relative strength of that connection. As CEO Jody Glidden will say, the software helps replace cold calls with “warm” introductions that can generate new business.

The company currently has about 40 large clients signed on, and has been featured in The Washington Post, The Washington Business Journal, and The National Post. With a sales office in Washington, DC, the company's operations and development teams are centered in Fredericton, New Brunswick.


NBIF: What is different about IntroHive compared to other products in the same space?

Glidden: We are the relationship capital company.  We help enterprises manage and leverage their greatest untapped asset.

NBIF: Tell me about that moment in time when you knew you were on to something new?

Glidden: The idea started as a way to stop company wide emails asking if anyone knew certain people outside of the organization for sales or recruiting purposes. LinkedIn had junk data and insufficient data and nobody knew who knew who the best.  .

NBIF: What is your dream for the company?

Glidden: We intend to change the way enterprises sell and companies convince top talent to come on board.

NBIF: If you were to give candid advice to a new entrepreneur what would it be?

Glidden: It's certainly not an easy way to make money.  You need to be ready and willing to work harder than any job you've ever had.  In order to beat all other competitors, you need to out work them and out think them.  The rewards and fun can't be beat though.