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Providing traffic for retailers and parking for patrons

A big frustration for city shoppers and shopkeepers is metered parking. Customers are limited by time, and some avoid shopping in metered districts altogether. With HotSpot Merchant Solutions, consumers can pay for their parking using their smart phone to add time without returning to their car. HotSpot sends notifications before your parking runs out, and through its Ticket Defender, will automatically add an hour for you, free of charge, up to two times per month.

That’s just the customer’s part. HotSpot is much more powerful for retailers. With a HotSpot Beacon installed, retailers can pay for or top up their customers’ parking and push notifications when they are in proximity to their store. All to make help their customers linger longer, up to 150% longer.

Founded by Philip Curley, HotSpot’s success in four Atlantic Canadian cities caught the attention of Passport Parking in the U.S., whose parking app does not have the retailer function. They are launching a new joint project in Ashville, N.C., and will then move into four major markets representing a population of 16 million people in total.