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Université de Moncton

Ghassan Abou-Samra
Ghassan Abou-Samra

$50 000

It’s not just New Brunswickers that face cracked, pothole-riddled roads every spring and beyond. It’s a problem that faces countries all over the world, and especially cold climates.

Dr. Ghassan Abou-Samra was recruited to the Université de Moncton in 2013 to continue his ground-breaking, or should we say ground-saving work here. When micro-cracks become larger, water infiltrates the pavement causing severe deterioration during the frost and thaw cycles of our Nordic climates.

His study of the dynamics of asphalt micro-cracks caused by persistent heavy vehicle traffic, simulations will be used to develop reinforced asphalt and to propose changes to the road building code. Dr. Abou-Samra’s study is expected to lead to increases in the life span of roads. Dr. Abou-Samra is developing a new probe to measure the resistance of solid and various soil materials to determine their resistance. With this new probe, resistance can be measured at any depth the probe is driven. The new probe could have many applications for civil engineering, including quality control in metals such as steel.