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Atlantic Cancer Research Institute

Rodney Ouellette
Rodney Ouellette


Dr. Rodney Ouellette is the CEO and founder of the Atlantic Cancer Research Institute (ACRI). After completing his science degree at Université de Moncton, Dr. Ouellette obtained both his MD and PhD at Université de Laval.

From a team of one, Dr. Ouellette now oversees an organization of more than 30 staff and researchers. Through his leadership and collaboration, ACRI developed and commercialized a new test for detecting cancer. Using a small amount of saliva, blood or urine, the test can tell if a patient has active cancer cells in their body in 30 minutes in their doctor’s office.

Since then, they have discovered that the same technology can be adapted for a number of diseases. They are now in the process of developing a new device that, with one small sample, will be able to detect and report a variety of other illnesses as well.