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Huntsman Marine Science Centre

New Brunswick Innovation Research Chair

Duane Barker
Duane Barker


Aquatic Sciences

NBIF Innovation Research Chair in Aquatic Biosciences

As the New Brunswick Innovation Research Chair in Aquatic Biosciences, Dr Duane Barker is working with industry to apply his expertise regarding parasites and diseases in cultured and wild fish. His aim is to develop advanced methods for their mitigation and control.

The value of New Brunswick's fish and seafood exports reached $1 billion in 2013. Climate change, its associated ocean acidification, and industry pollution is threatening the traditional fishing industry. Dr Barker's aim is to help New Brunswick aquatic industries overcome these challenges.

Dr Barker brings over 25 years of extensive fish health research and development work to the Huntsman Marine Science Centre, in St. Andrews By-The-Sea, where he completed a post-doctoral fellowship 15 years ago. During his career, Dr Barker has received numerous grants, trained over 90 students and high-quality personnel and has published numerous peer-reviewed articles.