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Providing self-help interactive therapy

WellTrack provides an app software to monitor your mental well-being. The app offers features such as: mood monitoring, access to relaxation techniques, therapy, and other tools to check your mental state of being.

WellTrack products, including one for public speaking anxiety, can be found in the Apple App Store and on their website. They are also working with a number of large corporations and insurance companies to deploy their product, Conquer Anxiety Pro, as part of their employee assistance programs.

CyberPsyc first came to the attention of NBIF as a finalist in its 2011 Breakthru Business Plan Competition. Even though they didn't win, they continued to strengthen their business case until they were investment ready. Click the video icon above to see their pre-launch feature story on CBC News.


NBIF: What is different about CyberPsyc compared to other products in the same space?

Piercey: Twenty-five percent of individuals who would benefit from visiting a psychologist will never make the appointment. This is due to the cost associated with visiting a psychologist, the stigma associated with mental health care, and accessibility issues. At CyberPsyc we address each of these issues by providing cost effective anxiety and phobia software that is delivered online and can be accessed anywhere.

NBIF: Tell me about that moment in time when you knew you were on to something new?

Piercey: One day while sitting in my lab I came to the realization that, although the expensive equipment I was using for my research was effective for treating anxiety and phobia, it wasn't helpful to the general population. The average person simply can't afford 3D computers and head mounted displays. So I began investigating the use of more economical methods of delivering 3D environments and found them to be very effective.

NBIF: What is your dream for the company?

Piercey: The number of people suffering from anxiety is increasing every year. My goal for CyberPsyc is to help as many people as possible overcome their anxieties and phobias. In the next five years we will utilize the platform we have developed in two or three new markets each year.