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André Dumas
André Dumas


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With a large and established industry for salmon fish farming, the aquaculture industry and food distributors are on the search for more alternative, locally sourced sustainable varieties for their customers. One of those varieties is the Arctic Charr, the demand for which has outstripped supply in recent years.

With $300,000 from NBIF and $5 million more from numerous provincial and federal agencies, and industry partners, Dr Dumas and a team of 12 other research scientists will develop a national breeding program for Artic Charr.

Dr Dumas is currently the Scientific Director of the Coastal Zones Research Institute (IRZC) in Shippagan, NB. With a start-up from NBIF in 2009, the IRZC was able to hire Dr Dumas, then a nutrition scientist for Cargill in Minnesota, who was looking to return to Canada.

Dr Dumas has had a passion for fish since his childhood in Shawinigan, Québec.