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ProcedureFlow: Going Big

Daniella Degrace, CEO of Saint John-based ProcedureFlow, has one of the best startup pedigrees in Canada. She played leadership roles in Q1 Labs, Radian6 and iMagicTV, New Brunswick companies that grew from an idea to major players in their respective industries to lucrative exits.

“I love the startup life, the community and the family feel,” says Degrace.

Degrace was recommended by NBIF to Innovatia co-CEOs Roxanne Fairweather and Dave Grebenc when they were planning to spin a new company out of their New Brunswick IT powerhouse to take advantage of the growing opportunity for process and procedure technology. Shortly after the company was launched in April of 2015, Degrace was installed as CEO.

“I connected with ProcedureFlow right away,” she says. “In all my previous startups, I experienced the pain that ProcedureFlow solved. I felt that pain very strongly and I was excited to see the solution that ProcedureFlow had developed for enterprise clients.”

ProcedureFlow is an enterprise software-as-a-service (SaaS) product that helps employees manage long, complex procedures. Its growing roster of customers have seen significant improvements in customer satisfaction, lower costs and faster speed to market after implementing the ProcedureFlow solution.

“It’s all about making employees experts faster,” says Degrace.

“Our clients trust us - we are in the customers’ central set of applications to deliver service.”

The company has doubled its revenue and headcount and recently secured its largest customer yet. ProcedureFlow has customers across a wide range of industries but is particularly strong in healthcare, insurance, telecom, utilities and contact centres.

Spinning the company out from an established firm like Innovatia helped ProcedureFlow grow quickly according to Degrace. “It was incredibly beneficial to be incubated within Innovatia and I feel very fortunate to have coaches and mentors like Roxanne and Dave,” she says.

Degrace credits the company’s strong growth to their laser focus on customers. “We’re all about customers and customer success based on how we develop relationships with them.”

NBIF took a lead role in ProcedureFlow’s seed round and Ray Fitzpatrick, NBIF’s Director of Investments, sits on its Board of Directors.

Degrace has big plans for ProcedureFlow. “I want to do something that will go big. It’s a market that’s very broad – processes are everywhere.”

She’s currently talking to investors in Canada, the United States and Europe about a seven-figure Series A round to help fuel even more rapid growth. With a track record like Degrace’s, success looks entirely possible.