Atlantic Venture Forum 2024: Kimberly Gilbert, PhD, and pHathom Technologies win NBIF’s $50,000 Equity Investment

Jamie Christian

Investment Manager


Congratulations to Kimberly Gilbert, PhD and pHathom Technologies for winning the $50,000 equity investment from NBIF during the Female Founders’ Startup Showcase at the Atlantic Venture Forum 2024. Along with this investment, additional support will be provided by Danielle Brewin Graham of The Firehood/Phoenix Fire.

This marks the second investment NBIF has made in pHathom Technologies, following a previous $100K investment. This time, the funding will support the pilot plant at Gulf Coast Carbon Center Pilot in Texas, covering essential costs and advancing their groundbreaking work.

A big shout out to Kimberly Gilbert, PhD, an incredible environmental advocate who is tackling environmental challenges by combining the fundamentals of chemistry with artificial intelligence. Her dedication to solving environmental problems through innovative science and technology is truly inspiring.

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