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Bringing Food Ordering Into The 21st Century

One of the biggest pain points for restaurant owners and chefs is sourcing and ordering their supplies. Faced with hundred of pages of non-standardized price tables and forms from multiple distributors, a great deal of time, effort and frustration is spent, often after hours, to get their orders on…the fax machine. is an online solution that allows restaurants to submit part or all of its order at once. Multiple food and supplies distributors can then make price bids on each of the items. When the process is complete, buyers can go through their order onscreen and pick and choose which company they want to supply each item. then compiles, completes and sends the order to the various suppliers.

By digitizing the paper system, creating a tender is simple and flexible as customers can easily duplicate, modify and add notes to their order. It can be shared with all, some or only one supplier enabling easy price comparison. Restaurants can create preferred groups, standing orders and include special requests such as organic, brand name or local products. Suppliers also have unique features with the ability to target promotions, submit unique pricing and utilize the database to expand their client base or enter new markets. Product vendors can also advertise within the system, enabling direct customer feedback and increasing sales through distributors.