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Ehsan Mokhtari, CEO





Stopping Internet Fraud In Its Tracks

Every year, Malware affects more than 95% of the world’s Global 5000 enterprises costing the global economy approximately $1 trillion. Sentrant Security's software-as-a-service technology detects, reports and mediates malware and botnet activity across the Internet in real-time. The majority of viruses, malware and botnets are designed for criminal activities, for example, the theft of private information, money and intellectual property. What is unique about Sentrant’s solution is its ability to detect infections without internal access to an organization’s network. Instead, Sentrant scans the Internet to detect and pinpoint both the IP address and geographical location of a botnet or malware infected computer with immediate effect.

While Sentrant's work is wide-reaching, the company is primarily focused on helping advertisers deal with fraudulent online ad "serving" and "clicking" where no human is actually viewing the content - which still costs the company money. 

Cyber criminals are targeting the online advertising ecosystem and its advertisers as a medium to launder botnet traffic. Advertisers are losing billions of dollars due to publishers who are willingly or unwillingly increasing page and impression views across their domains using botnet generated traffic.

Sentrant is working with a number of Fortune 500 companies and Internet service providers (ISPs) already, and in January 2014 signed a deal with the Government of New Brunswick to make it the first botnet and malware secure jurisdiction in Canada.